Kathey Battrick helps content owners, distributors and archives resolve operational and content management challenges.

Experienced in media asset management, archive and news with in-depth operational knowledge and product management experience, Kathey has led large teams, has a proven track record of restructuring and rationalisation and owned strategic initiatives such as:

  • Digitisation of ITN’s video archive.

  • Implementation of CRM, MAM and content delivery systems.

  • Operational launch of B2B websites and new business verticals.

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Kathey was instrumental in the digital transformation of ITN’s archive business, ITN Source, and played a significant role in the transformation and modernisation of ITN as a whole. She is an excellent project manager who delivers results through leadership, practical knowledge and warm people skills. In a nutshell, Kathey exemplified the very best of ITN.
— John Hardie, CEO, Independent Television News Ltd