focal awards 2019 resized.png

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the 2019 Focal International Awards, hosted by Zoe Lyons. I’m honoured to have been part of the jury this year.

Julien Temple received the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented on stage by Wilko Johnson and preceded with a video message from Keith Richards.

The 2019 categories and winners were:

Footage Person of the Year: Jane Fish, Imperial War Museums

Footage Company of the Year: Screenocean

Best Archive Restoration & Preservation Project: Joe 90

Best Archive Restoration & Preservation Title: Pixote

Best Use of Footage in a History Production: The Scientist, The Imposter and Stalin: How to Feed the People(Le savant, l’imposteur et Staline: Comment Nourrir le Peuple)

Best Use of Footage in an Entertainment Production: Mr. SOUL!

Best Use of Footage in a Sports Production - TIE: Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager Momentum Generation

Best Use of Footage on Innovative Platforms: British Pathé TV

Best Use of Footage in an Arts Production: Kulenkampff’s Shoes

Best Use of Footage in a Factual or Natural World Production: Under the Wire

Best Use of Footage in a Music Production: John and Yoko: Above Us Only Sky

Best Use of Footage in a History Feature: Apollo 11

Best Use of Footage in Advertising or Branded Content: WWF – Fight For Your World

Best Use of Footage in a Short Film Production: A Night at the Garden

Best Use of Footage in a Cinematic Feature: They Shall Not Grow Old

Student Jury Award for Most Inspiring Use of Archive: Mr. SOUL!

Jane Mercer Researcher of the Year Award: Peter Scott for A Dangerous Dynasty: House of Assad

Visit the Focal International Awards site for more details.